Castle: Living In The Spectrum

Crime Drama | Spec Script | 13 Pages

When a human rights activist is murdered, Castle must adjust his understanding of the world to puzzle through the clues offered by the single witness, the activist’s autistic son, before the murderer strikes again.

*Act One Only*

Heart Shaped Holes

Literary Fantasy | 10 Pages

Yasuo, a depressed Japanese salaryman, struggles to follow the harsh government regulations regarding physical contact with others after he discovers an illegal “affections token” in his jacket pocket.

Austin Film Festival Screenplay & Teleplay Competition: Semi-Finalist 2015

Open Arms

Steampunk Western | 8 Pages

Sheriff Colt McCoy takes advantage of Lily Cushybottom’s silly “Handiest Man Contest,” and its mysterious $10,000 purse, to restore his reputation as Steam’s greatest lawman.

A Need For Shelter

Literary/Drama | 6 Pages

Liam must overcome emotional exhaustion while pressuring his childhood friend and lover to leave an abusive wife, or risk walking out on his beloved friend forever.

Reel Writer's Screenwriting Contest: Semi-Finalist 2014

Alternative Burial

Horror | 1 Page

A mourning man searches for a final resting place for his friend's spirit before the night is over.