Let's Talk About Me

On Struggles, Enjoyment, Love, & Hope

I struggle with motivation, with balancing self-awareness and selflessness, with figuring out how to go about finding happiness, with deepening my spirituality, with encouraging the best of myself without fostering the worst as well, and with many other aspects of my life, both inner and outer.

I enjoy analyzing people without actively analyzing them. It’s a matter of riding the vibes and, to some extent, instinctively understanding the motivations and intentions of others. This sensitivity is one of the traits I’m trying to find balance in, though the going is slow and reluctant at times (I’m not fully convinced I need to lessen myself in this area). With this comes a fascination for personality typing for its attempt to organize and explore human traits, patterns, and tendencies.

I love learning about cultures, language, and how historical events tie into one another. Connections bind our world together, creating layers that both ease and confuse our interactions. A need to understand humanity for my own personal security drives my interest here.

I hope to help others. I’m not yet wholly sure how to go about achieving that goal. I’m leaning toward assisting others in reaching their creative potentials. Developmental editing is interesting. I enjoy editing as far as developing characters, plots, themes, and worlds go. However, I’d also like to find a more direct/obvious/physical way to improve the lives of others. So many causes cry out for help. Surely there’s one that would find me useful.

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