Let's Talk About Me

Audie Jinks specializes in what she terms “literary fantasy,” a genre that focuses not on the fantastic elements of the stories, as integral as they are, but rather on the relationships driving those stories. Audie uses her writing as exploration of the confusing, frustrating, yet delightful humanity of which she is a part.

Interest in examining the human condition first struck after she read Robert Cromier’s novels We All Fall Down, The Chocolate War, and After the First Death; each of which explored the truth that villains don’t always pay. Those works, combined with some upsetting life experiences, sparked a desire to make sense of human nature through writing. Years later her passion has grown to seemingly limitless ideas. In addition to Cromier, she now counts Charles Dickens, Andrew Vachss, and Glen Cook as instrumental in forming her craft's foundation.

As a single mother to an autistic daughter, brick and mortar education was not an option, so she discovered an opportunity to pursue her career as a writer at Full Sail University where she earned a Bachelor’s in Fine Arts in Creative Writing for Entertainment. While there, she discovered a variety of mediums in which to share her stories. Two of her short stories, “A Need for Shelter” and “Lies Told: Roll Over,” were published in the literary journals In Parentheses and Wayward Arrows respectively. She’s currently writing Thrives in the Dark, an experimental literary fantasy novel about a father and son bounty hunter duo with an unorthodox relationship that threatens to tear them apart.

Where is Audie?

Audie Jinks is located in the midwest region of America though she yearns to answer a persistent call to wander the globe in search of a true home. For now, she's exercising contentment as to cope with the disappointment of remaining where it's always too cold or too humid.

At some point she'll acquire a Post Office Box so you may send her actual real mail. Until then please use the email listed below!

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